Raising Our Boys to Be Men of God

When we had our first son, I realized I had an important duty as a mother. Of course, as parents, our duty is to raise decent human beings. That part isn’t too difficult if you aren’t a psychopath. But as a Christian, I felt the heaviness of a different duty, the most important duty–raising my son to be a man of God in a world that has turned against God. When I found out a few months ago that we were expecting a second son, the weight of this struck me even further.

My husband and I have been given a huge responsibility and privilege. We are raising boys, who will become men, who will become husbands, and who will become fathers. What we do now, from the very beginning, will have a major impact on who they will become. And while this of course applies to all the daughters out there as well, I see a lack of Godly young men in society today and it deeply saddens me.

As parents, we can only do so much. We can teach our children, live by example, and pray that they choose Jesus, but we cannot force Jesus on anyone. If that’s how it happened, God would have made the whole world believe in Him. But then what would be the point? He desires that we would choose Him. And since the world has become increasingly more intolerant of God and since many who claim to be Christians have twisted the Word so that it fits an “anything goes” policy, the younger generations are deciding it’s no longer worth it to commit to Christ.

When I look around in the many different churches I visit, I very rarely see single Christian men. This bothers me greatly, because I see a large number of single Christian women. Why is there such a large discrepancy? Why can’t my single Christian girlfriends seem to find a Christian man? It’s hard enough to meet a good guy today, let alone a good Christian guy! What has happened to all of the Christian young men?! I’ll tell you: they’re not being raised anymore.

Between the modern approval of the “fluidity” of gender, the extreme encouragement of ultra-feminine qualities in men, the lack of strong father-son relationships, and the turning away from God, our society is losing men, and especially losing men of God.

So how will our boys learn to become men of God in this world?

  1. From God
    • The Bible is God’s word–plain and simple. From infancy, it is vital that we instill a love and appreciation for God’s word in our children. By showing our boys what men of God look like through the countless examples found throughout the Bible, we can give our boys amazing role models and examples for what it means to be men of God.
  2. From their father
    • There is not a lot I feel more passionately about than the importance of a father figure in a child’s life. I was fortunate to have both my dad and my step-dad, and this was huge for me. As important as a father figure is in a girl’s life, father figures are especially important for men. Fathers show our boys what a man is, and especially what a man of God is. Children are incredibly observant and love to repeat what we do, which makes it so important for our boys to have Godly men in their lives so they can learn by example how to be leaders and men of faith.
  3. From our lives
    • As I mentioned above, children are like parrots–they love to copy us! Of course this can lead to some “uh-oh” moments if we’ve accidentally said or done something we don’t want them to repeat (we’ve all been there)! But this leads me to my final point–our kids will learn how to act based on how we act. If your kids see you reading your Bible, praying, singing to the Lord, etc., they will know that God is important in your life. If you talk to your kids about Jesus and teach them how to pray, they will want to partake! Never underestimate the power of your actions and how it will impact your kids!

So, here’s my call to action: Start now! It is never too early to sing a song or read a story that teaches your children about God. PRAY! Pray that your life might encourage your children to pursue God wholeheartedly, that they would want to know God because of how evidently He can be seen through your life! At the end of the day, your children will grow up and have to make their own decisions. But what you do today matters more than you know! Let’s raise up our boys to be the men of God that the world so desperately needs!

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